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Apace is powering a better to buy now pay later, enabling your favorite stores to spread your payments conveniently across weeks. Get started with a free account and shop now the way you want. Start Now


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Apace’s Promise to Shoppers

More of your favorite stores, open to you
Apace is partnering with more and more businesses to give you a large pool of options, with your favorite stores available to sell to you on installments as long as you are prequalified by us. It all starts with a free account.
Credit, without the fretting
An account with Apace guarantees you credit, up to as much as suitable according to your profile and spending habits. Merchants deal with you based on this, you don't have to prove yourself each time to each business you want to buy from.
Responsible, not restricted
With Apace, you can make as many purchases as you want, from as many merchants as you choose, as long as the combined amount is within your credit allowance. Don't worry, we'll help you keep track of them all, you wouldn't have to miss a payment when due.
Build credit, track your spends
You can make every purchase (past a threshold defined by you) through Apace, which helps you keep track of every spend of yours and help you build credit faster -- no, you're not in debt, you've only chosen to spread your payments.

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Businesses all over prefer selling to shoppers from Apace as "Apacers" are known to have good credit history and pay back in full when due. If your favorite store is yet to be listed, ask for it. Your future eligibility for many other good things in life might depend on it.
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