Powering a
New way to Installment

By enabling you open up your business to Installment, we are able to make up to 40% more sales happen whether online or offline

Create Sales Link

Generate Links to your products, sell and collect your payments in installments.

Share Links

Share your links anywhere your business has a presence. By Email, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Run your business

Run your store with Apace because our links can hold more as if it were a mini store.ere your business has a presence. By Email, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.


Apace Store

Our Store equips you with all the marketing tools and sales channels, including easy social integrations that allow you quickly get your products in front of your customers.

Store gives you everything you need to succeed with ecommerce in one place add products, make and track sales, collect payments and gain real insights into how how your business is doing and no you don’t need a single line of code.

OUR checkout

Apace Checkout

Checkout is a purpose built, easy drop-in solution that can be plugged into any existing ecommerce application to allow shoppers buy now and pay later.

It integrates into smoothly into your existing application, stays out of your branded experience, even when it kicks in to allow for options for spreading payments. Checkout is lightweight, fast and scalable.

You've earned your free money, now claim it

When you create a free account with Apace, you're automatically pre-qualified and provisioned with a credit limit. That's all the pass you need to buy now pay later from your favorite stores.

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